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My Top Ten Tips & Tricks  for Getting Better Results with Damon Brand’s




This blog post will probably make little sense unless you actually own the MAGICKAL CASHBOOK by Damon Brand, and it is assumed that you own a copy and that you are already familiar with its content. However, you don’t necessarily need to have performed the ritual beforehand, although prior experience will be beneficial before implementing some of these suggestions. Still, parts of the text below do apply to money and wealth magick in general. 

In the unlikely event that you haven’t yet acquired the MAGICKAL CASHBOOK, then you should go ahead a make your purchase now and preferably read through it before consuming this material. Although I personally prefer physical copies of my books and presuming you haven’t already bought yours yet, and want to want to save a little extra money in the process, the Kindle edition is a wise choice. Since you will be making your own workbook, you only need the text for the book creation instructions, the information for activation of the cashbook itself, and of course the ritual procedure and protocols. 


Knowledge equals profit.

Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #74

The more you know the further you can make it go.

The following ten “hacks” are informed by my own experience of having performed this ritual on multiple occasions over a long period of time as well as stuff I’ve picked up working with other methods and systems along the way: 


This first tip is perhaps most applicable for those who have not yet created the cashbook for use in the actual ritual itself, however, it might be useful in case you need to make a new version one day (mine is starting to wear out a little). Anyway, you should probably already know that images of the sigils you need for the front and back cover are available to download for free at if you want to print them out instead of drawing them for hand. What you may not know though is that they are also available in the specialty book Sigils And Talismans of The Gallery of Magick: Printed Sigils and Talismans for Magickal Workers, and this too is an excellent choice if you lack confidence in your own artistic abilities. It should be noted that this book in particular might not be a lot of value for money unless you either already own The 72 Angels of Magick, Magickal Riches, and Magickal Protection by Damon Brand, and/or plan to buy them and use them in the future. The option I recommend though is to use either your TV, tablet or computer screen as a makeshift lightboard, putting a thin piece of white paper over it and tracing the sigils that way. Please make sure to use a very soft pencil and a soft touch so that you don’t damage your screen! 

Furthermore, depending on the quality of material you use, continuous practical use of your cashbook may result in it falling apart or ink and paint to fade and/or chip. Wrapping your cashbook in self-adhesive blank contact paper is a good solution to prevent this from happening. Or, as the poor man option, plain old blank duct tape is your friend. Protecting your book like this, or pathing it up as you go along, should last you a lifetime, even if you should fill out the entire book! You see, here’s where I differ from Mr. Brand’s suggestions; where he says you shouldn’t treat your cash book as anything other than a mundane object, my views are the complete opposite. Continuous use should really start to imbed magical energy in the book itself as a magical object. Having this energy accumulate over time will not only benefit your rituals with it, but it becomes symbolic of money itself, and in that sense, it will also become highly talismanic. This means that you can begin to use it in other money rituals or just rituals associated with the Earth element and discs/pentacles as a sort of power source or power object.


Nitika is a Genius of Precious Stones and presides over the 6th hour and this is precious information I urge you to carefully consider and research further, as it may add some extra oomph to your rituals. So, that being said, here’s my top-secret insider information: Cryptocurrency. Of course, few people are invested in the various coins and digital currency, but I’m here to tell you that this ritual works equally well, possibly even better, with this form of wealth. If you haven’t already dipped your toes in this field, then this might be the time you’ve been waiting for. If cryptocurrency still isn’t your cup of tea, then experiment with other forms of strange or foreign currencies. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? What about alchemical gold? What other natural or natural resources are considered valuable to you?  

A little bitcoin goes a long way.


While I don’t think the MAGICKAL CASHBOOK itself refers to the specific gender of Nitika, you will see both male and female pronouns used elsewhere, both in print and online. You may get a sense of what gender to associate Nitika with yourself, and if you do, you should go with that intuition for sure. I share the same view as mentioned in The Gallery of Magick’s online FAQ section regarding this, and that is that Nitika is in fact genderless. In this day and age, it should be a simple task for us to adjust to something being neither male nor female, so unless you already have removed gender from Nitika, it’s certainly worth experimenting with. Yet, in the end, your intuition and personal gnosis trumps everything in this regard, so your mileage may vary.


Don’t buy lottery tickets! Seriously, don’t buy lottery tickets! No, really, don’t waste your money on that! I repeat, DON’T BUY LOTTERY TICKETS or gamble with money for at least as long as you are doing the ritual. I think the MAGICKAL CASHBOOK mentions this, but it’s worth repeating. Unless you are doing other specific magick for this kind of luck (and those exist), you really shouldn’t tempt fate with this. It might seem like a good idea, but trust me, you are better off saving the money instead. This goes for all other kinds of wealth and money magick. Treat money with respect and value what you already have. What you might consider instead, if you have a little extra money to spare, is to donate some to charity. Creating a flow of money is good, and sharing your wealth is always a good idea, as it seems to give you some karma credit (for a lack of a better term). If you don’t have the means to do this, hold on to your hard-earned cash, please.   


Banish before and after. Even if the ritual works perfectly well without doing this, not only is it a good practice for regular spiritual hygiene but doing so ensures both a good frame of mind and a frame of spirit. How something is sequenced makes a huge difference and is a great way to maximize potential. I’m not going to recommend any particular technique over another, as this is a matter of personal preference, but something more passive like meditation before and another thing slightly more active, like prayer is good at the end. If in doubt, do classic banishing or grounding rituals that suit your path. This respective tip becomes especially invaluable if and when you implement suggestion number 10 (it seems to make Nitika exceptionally spirited). 


Ask for smaller sums of money. It’s very tempting to go larger and larger, and consequently overshoot your probability of receiving that kind of amount. Know your limitations. Magick is often thought of as probability enhancement, so have a realistic ballpark estimation of what is most likely in your situation. It’s better to ask for a little less and instead do repeat rituals. Carving out about 5 minutes every day is a very small commitment and should be well within everyone’s capabilities. And hey, practice makes perfect.  


Remember to put yourself out there. Talk to people, and make new connections. Network. Send messages and emails. As mentioned above, Magick is probability enhancement, but it’s hard for Magick to do its thing unless it has something to work with. Try to find situations and even physical locations (as well as online), where opportunities can arise. Go for walks, and maybe you’ll find some coins and dollar bills on the ground. Pay attention. Keep your eyes open and sharp. Allow space for random things to happen in your life (this is good advice for ALL kinds of magick by the way).  


You’ve got the money in hand, now what? Well, make damn sure you actually follow through and put the extra money you received toward the thing you did it for.  The sooner the better, and definitely preferably before you embark on another eleven-day ritual run. Working with spirits it’s important to stay committed and not break your promises. Ok, who’s to say you can really hurt a spirit’s feelings by letting them down in this way, but if you keep breaking your own oaths then you are saying to yourself that your word doesn’t matter. Stay true to yourself, stay on target, and stick to the plan. Honor your word and fulfill the contract.  


Before you start doing the evocation of Nitika, as you are looking at the front cover sigil, greet Nitika as you would a friend. Just think loving thoughts, and offer them some much-needed love. Remember that a lot of people just come to Nitika to get something from them, so you want to set yourself apart, and show them that you are thoughtful, loving, and grateful. This also ties very much into the next tip, and they should be used in conjunction when you perform that variant.


Now, of course, I saved the very best hack for last! This is truly a game-changer, and it might very well prove to be useful in similar wealth workings too. I think it’s important to also note that not only should the following hack be used together with tip 9 above, but most of the other previous tips and tricks stack extremely well on top of this and should be generously applied where and when applicable. So without further ado, let me reveal the big secret: 

Do the ritual for $0. 

Yes, you read that right! Don’t ask for any money at all. Do for nothing – do it for free. Just do it simply out of gratitude. Do it for the love of Nitika and purely for the joy of doing the ritual itself. Give thanks and give blessings. And remember to do it for the full eleven days by the way, not just once. After that, you can go back to the normal operating parameters. Enjoy the results. You’re welcome. Rinse and repeat. 

A Fist-fulfilled With DolLARS



Input = output. This is the first-ever magical axiom I learned, many, many moons ago, and it’s still as valuable today. The More your invest in something, the more you get out of something. It’s as simple as that. You have been given some cheat codes and industry secrets, now put them to good use, and you’ll bend the rules and maximize your magical potential. This is result magick, so be confident in your abilities and expect results and rewards for hard work. Your power truly builds and accumulates 

over time so, don’t worry, pretty soon you’ll be blasting your way to megabucks!

Don’t be a crisis magician, and please don’t just do ritual this when you are desperate for money. Stability is the key to prosperity, as is consistency. It’s a terrible cliché, but slow and steady wins the race. However, if you don’t go out racing you won’t even have a chance to win in the first place! Seize the day! Now do yourself a huge favor, and go do the ritual, it only takes about five minutes, there’s no excuse, you can always find the time to spare and grab that little extra spare change along the way. 

Sharing is caring. My original idea was to sell this as a sort of mini downloadable digital chapbook, however, I decided not to put it behind a paywall, and instead publish it publicly online, free of any charge whatsoever. I reckon that if you are interested in this, then chances are that you are low on funds anyway, so I’m not gonna add to that problem. Consider it my gift to you and Nikita. Nevertheless, if you found any of this  material inspirational, and/or if you decide to put it into practice, and when you do get those positive results, please consider giving a small donation or become a monthly subscriber via my Ko-Fi page

Thank you ❤

(please note that all of this is for entertainment purposes only and that in no way whatsoever am I qualified to give any sort of financial advice)

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