RITUAL: An Essential Grimoire by Damien Echols & Lorri Davis


Ritual is for all.

One might say this is two books in one. That it has two voices. It’s dived into 6 parts, with short chapters, each written separately, distributed relatively evenly between the two authors. These are the rituals Damien and Lorri have used themselves along their journey together. And although as already mentioned, the entries are written separately and attributed to their singular author, they ultimately are joined together again, creating something like a third voice, or a Thord Mind if you will. It’s very tempting to call this a metaphorical rebinding (rebonding) process, or to put it in more metaphysical terms; a Chymical Wedding. So, not only is this a self-help book, but quite possibly also a book that might help you repair, rekindle, and reboot your relationship with either your significant other and/or just others in general.Worth noting is that having two authors and two slightly different perspectives truly help paint a broader picture and is useful to see how different approaches can either be combined or separated to better suit your own modus operandi.

Make Magick Rituals part of your life.

The book is called Ritual, and definitely contains rituals. These rituals and practices cover a lot of ground, and you can probably find something that specifically caters to something you want or need. The subtitle of the book, however, is An Essential Grimoire. Is it really essential? Well, no, perhaps not, but it gets down to the essence of what is magick and how to implement it into your daily life. So in that sense, it cuts all the crap, bypassing the bullshit spookiness and arcane language so popular amongst the elitist esoteric gatekeepers these days. This is Magick for the people, and for the people that ACTUALLY want to work on themselves and DO the work required. So in this regard, it cuts to the core and serves the essential ingredients needed to either get the ball rolling, or offer heaps of practical advice, methods for maintaining good spiritual hygiene, and general inspiration for those already on this weird and wonderful path.

Do your part and do the work and make Magick part of your life.

While this lovely little hardcover tome certainly has a grimoiric quality to it, it feels more like a peculiar poetry collection. In that sense, I guess you could say that it has a poetic quality, which makes for a pleasantly cohesive and interesting read overall. This is a positive trait I might add, and something that makes it stand apart from other similar releases. I suppose you can read the sections out of sequence if you want to, but some of the exercises, techniques, and rituals build on previous ones and/or are sort of variations thereof. Which means that I mean that it’s hugely beneficial to read this as a whole, from beginning to end. Then after you’ve done that, you see the big picture, and you can revisit specific parts as you need them in the future. It’s easy to navigate the book’s contents, but I really wish we’d gotten an appendix for that extra oomph when it comes to accessibility and ease of use. Only a minor complaint, as the major impression of this book, is purely positive. Although a ribbon would be nice, but I understand that this probably was dropped in order to keep it more than reasonably priced. Us occultists have become spoiled by other boutique esoteric publishers these days, even if these works of art cost more than a pretty penny.   

At some point, if you Ritual in one go, it does start to feel a bit repetitive in places, but still there’s coherency to it all, and arguably this uniformity helps with the accessibility of these practices for newer practitioners. I’ve noticed a growing trend in the contemporary magick communities that consist of simplifying the complexities of magical rituals. In the overall scheme of things, this most likely is a good thing, as it enables people to actually do the magick and to do the work. And don’t get me wrong, “real” magick is still hard work, but a streamlined process makes it much easier to implement it into your daily routine. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting to the stage in your practice where it solidifies and becomes part of your everyday life. And you know what? This might be the book that does it for you! 

Hardcore correspondences.

Ritual has rituals for almost every situation, so you’ll most likely be able to find something here that will work for you, or better yet, you’ll find the inspiration to start making your own rituals (the appendix has some correspondences that can serve as a starting point, just remember if something is said to correspond to something, it doesn’t mean it’s the same exact thing, just that it’s “something like” that thing, a subtle but important difference.

Speaking of subtle, this entire text is surprisingly subtle and is actually much more in-depth than you may immediately pick up. Remember to read and reread very carefully. Please read closely, and pay attention to what they are saying. Details matter. You’ll learn something about magick here, not just how to do it, but why we do certain things and when and where to apply it. And for the more advanced magicians out there, towards the end of the book, there’s quite a lot of substance delivered by Damien in his trademark easily understood manner. So that part alone might be worth the investment for some that are looking for “theory” and not only practice.   

An influential grimoire.

I’m not sure if Damien’s previous two Magick books (High Magick and Angels & Archangels) have been translated to other languages yet, if not, they should, but this one in particular I think would appeal to an even broader audience. Both High Magick and Angels & Archangels are books that I constantly recommend to initiates and neophytes alike, and although High Magick might still be the best contemporary introduction to magical praxis, Ritual might very well be the new gateway drug. In any case, you should get all three if you haven’t already. 

Lastly, a bird whispered into my ear that Lorri might be doing another book in a similar vein to this, while Damien is working on a novel in collaboration with a bishop. All interesting stuff to look forward to. 

You can purchase RITUAL as well as Damien and Lorrie’s other books at most bookstores, but here’s a link to the publisher’s website of said book:


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