Special Edition Saturn Cloth and Chapbook

such saturnfaction

Written by Meredith Graves with illustrations by Coleman Stevenson.

I had not planned on posting two reviews in a row, however I decided to strike while the iron (pun intended – see below) was hot and share my thoughts on these things.

“Saturn’s pretty cool, and that was one of the first ones that we discovered, that humans discovered, so there’s, like, a lot of cool ancient myths about it and stuff. “

Mandy (2018

Yeah, Saturn’s pretty cool, and so is this set; ie. both pretty and cool. I absolutely love the clean and minimalist design of the 16 page chapbook, titled An Abbreviated Discussion of Some Possibilities Towards A Theory of Saturn Symbolism and Its Practical Application. If you ask me, this is worth it just for that amazing title alone!  The whole presentation sort of reminds me of those old occult pamphlets that used to be popular in the early 1900s. Why aren’t these things back in style yet? Is it because blog posts like these, and the ease of posting stuff on social media or other creator curated platforms like Patreon for instance?

Anyway, I’m digressing, and stalling by writing filler sentences and paragraphs like this because I don’t want to spoil the content of the leaflet. It’s a quick read, but offers a lot of food (plants) for thought as well as some practical instructions of how to make sigils using Saturn’s planetary square.

all black everything

The cloth itself is made out of a very nice quality material, and my edition is the one printed using a special lead ink which shows up as a dark charcoal grey. Personally I think it lends an even more mystical quality to the already enigmatic Saturn. However, some might prefer the version printed in white for ease of readability. Depending on how you acquire it, due do packaging, some ironing is probably required.

The product listing mentions a number of uses for the cloth, like the fact that it can plainly/fashionably be worn (very useful at this time of writing), used as an altar cloth, a deck wrap, saturnine meditations or to simply use the square to draw your sigils. I’m sure you can come up with a whole host of other interesting uses, but I will leave you with this idea:

Make your own Saturn themed spread! Assign meaning to each of the nine images and use them as card positions.

  1. Symbol of Saturn
  2. Air
  3. Earth
  4. Number square
  5. Datura
  6. Foxglove
  7. Horsetail
  8. Rosemary
  9. Hellbore

I only have one question: Where or when can we get the unabbreviated version of the text? 

If your question is where to purchase this, then the answer is here:


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