The Xenomorph Lifecycle Tarot Transformation Spread

Happy Alien Day 2020!

In honor of this most holy day, and as a tribute to Saint Giger, I present to you this little idea. Please bear in mind that this is just a thought experiment. Ironically it’s not fully developed, but I wanted to post it none the less, as an exercise in creativity. Which might be what this spread is best suited (pun intended) for. Feeling blocked? Maybe consulting The Alien will help you unlock something. Or perhaps you are feeling stuck in some aspects of your life… the maybe, just maybe, some lateral thinking will change up the cycle.


Pose your question. Shuffle. Cut the deck. Deal four cards, pulled in sequence, representing the following stages:

Stage I: Ovomorph. The egg. Can remain in stasis for years until nearby movement is detected. Once a potential host approaches it opens up, unfolding, and a parasitic facehugger springs out, attaching itself to the newfound target. An egg has obvious symbolism, representing your hope, new potential etc.

Stage II: The Facehugger/Host-body. Eight fingers to hold you… hold on tightly. Hold on to that hope… those dreams…. don’t let go. Implant. Let the embryo grow. Once it’s secure, you can let go, and detach. Don’t lust for result. Let it die. You will soon be reborn.

Stage III: The Chestburster. This is the key. The (biomechanical) weapon. This is what will help you break out and break free. It will cut a path. Old habits will die, and you will discard what no longer serves a purpose. Be carful though, at this stage you are still vulnerable… so find safe space to hide so you can molt into adulthood.

Stage IV: Xenomorph*. The Alien. Your final form. Larger, faster, stronger, tougher than before. Your full potential. Enter the dragon. The Star Beast 666. 

* Stalker, Scout or Drone, according to some sources, but for the sake of convenience we are just going to treat it as one general form of xenomorph. One size, fits all.

For Further Research and Development

Depending on the lore**, there are stages beyond this which might be worth exploring, however, now we’re getting dangerously deep into deep, dark, geek territory. In any case, I’ll include them below for the sake of completeness, for those (including future me) that want to explore matters further: 

Stage V: Soldier, Worker, Sentry.

Stage VI: Praetorian, Crusher, Queen. 

Stage VII: Beyond the Queen… Queen Empress and Queen Mother. It has been suggested that the Queen will continue to grow as the hive grows, reaching proportions as big as a T-Rex! There’s even reports of Praetorians melting into something called Palatines, and then theres even whispered rumours about an Alien King…

**Source Alien the RPG

art credit:

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